Leitu Simmons  レイチュ・シモンズ先生


Hello ADAS students! 

It’s been almost a year since I last stood here on the stage with you all, in front of your parents and friends, sharing a recital that you have all worked so hard to accomplish.

I am so proud that you have all continued your English studies, and this day I know, your parents and friends are watching you all so proudly at your continued success.


Your continued studies will help you all to achieve the greatest gift, which is to speak a second language.  There are so many opportunities for you as you grow older because of this, and for that I commend you all. I am working back in Corporate America, where so many doors of opportunity will open for you knowing both your native tongue Japanese and the English language.  As you get older and move into your career paths, you will have many choices ahead of you, simply because of the fact that you speak more than one language …this I can assure you.


Continue to study hard as I know you all are, and hopefully one day you can come and visit me here in Wisconsin or wherever I am living in the United States so that we can sit and chat in English. I miss you all and hope that one day our paths will cross again.  Take care of yourselves and continue to be good students and good children to your parents, as I know you all are.


I miss you all,  愛を込めて

                  Leitu Simmons レイチュ・シモンズ